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2015 is the 300th anniversary of the Jacobite Rising of 1715 which failed in its plan to restore the Stuart dynasty in Britain after battles at Braemar and Preston. In 1707 an Act of Union had united England and Scotland into one United Kingdom. England and Wales had already been together in a formal union from 1536. In 1714 the German Hanoverian family took the throne after the death of childless Queen Anne. The Jacobites (named after the latin for James – Jacobus) realised the importance of striking quickly to stake their claim. This is seen as the second of three major Jacobite risings in 1689/90. 1715 and 1745. The final Stuart Catholic male heir Henry Stuart died in 1807 nearly 100 years after the Protestant Hanoverians had taken control of Scotland as well as England!
Scottish plans to commemorate the ’15 – see below.

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