Legacy IB History Paper 3 – Euro diplomacy 1871-1923 revision podcasts by Mr Allsop

Source: http://www.mrallsophistory.com/revision/category/a-level-and-ib-history-revision/european-diplomacy-before-the-first-world-war

IB History revision podcasts – Paper 3 – Euro diplomacy 1871-1923

  1. The alliance system in Europe 1871-1890 – http://www.mrallsophistory.com/revision/category/a-level-and-ib-history-revision/european-diplomacy-before-the-first-world-war
  2. Breakdown of international system (LT causes) 1890-1914 – http://www.mrallsophistory.com/revision/category/a-level-and-ib-history-revision/european-diplomacy-before-the-first-world-war
  3. Causes of WW1 – the ‘alliance system’ – same link as above
  4. Entente Cordiale – link as above
  5. Origins of WW1 – militarism and the ‘arms race’ – link as above
  6. Launch of the ‘Dreadnought’ – link as above
  7. Conflict in the Balkans – link as above
  8. The ‘July Crisis’ and the outbreak of WW1 – link as above
  9. Historiography of the origins of WW1 – http://www.mrallsophistory.com/revision/category/a-level-and-ib-history-revision/european-diplomacy-before-the-first-world-war/page/2

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