Year 7 Medieval Castle building competition

What would the strongest Medieval castle look like?

Your task is to design and/or build the strongest Medieval castle ever.  It needs to be:

  • Difficult to attack
  • Easy to defend
  • Able to withstand a siege (think about men, food and equipment you would need)

What you will need to hand in

  • A detailed, colour drawing OR a computer designed plan of your castle OR a castle model that you have built                                                                                                                                                                        □
  • A 500  word explanation of what makes your castle the strongest (put the word count on the bottom)                                                                                                                    □                                                                              □



DEADLINE: You will need to hand this in on Friday 22nd November 2013.


The following websites may be useful: (click on ‘Castle Terms’ for a glossary) (this is a more complicated site and talks about all types of castle.  See especially ‘About Castles’ and the ‘Glossary’) (site about the Tower of London) (site about Rochester Castle) (site about Rochester Castle) (site about Colchester Castle) (site about Colchester Castle)


NOTE: Make sure that any research you do is about early Medieval castles (1066 – 1300)

 Planning your model/drawing

Things to think about:

  • What will your castle look like it’s made of (wood, stone…)?
  • What shape is your castle going to be (think about different types of castle)?
  • What features is it going to have?
  • How are you going to be able to defend your castle?
  • How are you going to avoid any weaknesses that would make it easy for the enemy to attack?
  • Where are you going to store men, animals, weapons?


You need to write 500 – 600 words (in your OWN WORDS) explaining what makes your castle the strongest medieval castle.  Include the following information:

Type of Castle

Explain why you have chosen to build your castle in a particular shape and with particular building materials (e.g. stone).  This does not mean what you have actually made the castle out of but what it would be made out of if it was built to scale (i.e. you might have made it out of wood, but made to look like stone).  Back this up with information about the strengths and weaknesses of different types of medieval castles, e.g. Motte & Bailey, Stone Keep, Concentric.

Castle Features

Explain how the features on your castle will help you defend against attack.  Back this up with information about the methods that were used in medieval times to attack castles, and the ways used to defend against attack.

Locating  a castle

You could also explain where you would locate your castle.  Explain how this location would make your castle easier to defend, difficult to attack, and how it would help you to control the English countryside.

How your Castle will be judged

There will be two categories in the competition.

Category 1: Castle Model

  1. How strong your castle would be (if it was built to scale)
  2. How good your model is (colourful, inventive, detailed, well-made)
  3. A thorough explanation (see above for guidance)

Category 2: Castle Design (drawn or computer designed)

  1. How strong your castle would be (if it was built)
  2. How good your drawing is (colourful, inventive, detailed, well-presented, clear)
  3. A thorough explanation (see above for guidance) There will be a PRIZE for the winning castle in each category in each class and an overall Year 7 winner to be awarded at the end of term School Assembly by the Head Teacher. Merits and thirds points will also be awarded.

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